How to enjoy a Hot Spring Ryokan "Yukata"

Yukata (light kimono):


- In Japanese inns, yukata (light kimonos) are used after taking a bath or relaxing in your room. Once you arrice in your room, put on your yukata and experience the Japanese culture.

- If the size does not fit, you may contact the front desk and have it replaced. Depending on the inn, female guests can also borrow a special yukata for free.

- Unlike in hotels, you can roam around the inn and use the facilities wearing your yukata and slippers.

- Be careful not to wear your yukata loosely with an untidy collar or hem as it is considered to be bad manners. The yukata pairs well with the “haori” (an outer garment) that will also be provided.

How to put on a yukata:
Step 1:
Put on the yukata over your undergarments and place your arms through the sleeves.
Step 2:
Close your yukata by putting the left side over the right side. Please do it in this order.
Step 3:
Wrap the sash around your waist, tie it up at the front, and you're ready to go!