How to get to Akiu Sato Center

How to get to Akiu Sato Center from JR Sendai station through sendai-nishi Road.

1.In front of JR Sendai Station
In front of JR Sendai Station

This is JR Sendai station West side.
You can see JR Sendai station on your right side.
Let's go to Akiu!
First, drive down to Hirose-dori street.


Go straight from here.
Stay in the center lane!

3.In front of FORUS
In front of FORUS

Go straight!
You will pass by FORUS on your left and Kani-Honke restaurant on your right.


Go through the tunnel.
Please be aware of merge lane!

5.After the tunnel
After the tunnel

After the tunnel go straight and follow the signs.

6.Akiu Onsen signage
Akiu Onsen signage

You will soon see a sign for Akiu Onsen.


After passing the Akiu Onsen sign, please turn left at the intersection with the overpass.


Arriving in Nishikigaoka.
Please prepare to turn right.


You will see Nishikigaoka outlet mall on your left.
Please turn right at the traffic right.

10.Towards the mountain
Towards the mountain

Soon you will pass Sendai Astronomical Observatory, go straight for another 5 km.
From here, drive towards the mountains.
You are almost there!

11.Akiu Onsen
Akiu Onsen

You will see Akiu Onsen sign at the end.
Turn left at the end of this road.

12."Akiu onsen iriguchi" Intersection
Akiu onsen iriguchi Intersection

On your right, you will see the first traffic light.
You will see a liquor store on your left. Please turn right at the "Akiu Onsen Iriguchi" intersection.

13.Nozokibashi Intersection
Akiu Onsen

After crossing the bridge, you will see a STOP sign.
Please turn right here.

14.Arriving at Akiu Sato Centre !
Arriving at  Akiu Sato Centre!

After driving for 120m, you will be arriving at Akiu Sato Center.
You made it!