Sendai Akiu Visitor Center is a gateway to the rich natural, meeting place of the beautiful landscapes with peaks and valleys.

Nature in Futakuchi

Prefectural natural park, Futakuchi Valley is located in the upstream portion of the Natori river flowing through the Sendai plain, which features majestic mountain views and beautiful valleys, with countless waterfalls that dot the primeval forests.
Scenic spots represented; Banji rock, Mt. Daito (Altitude 1,365m), Akiu Otaki waterfall, Kamabuchi, Ane-taki waterfall (natural monument), Imouto-taki waterfall, Shiraito Falls.
It’s well known that a wide variety of animals, such as Nihonzaru (Japanese macaque), Japanese serow (Japanese goat-antelope) and birds such as, Eastern crowned warbler and Brown dippers have been seen in the area. Insects such as the blue admiral butterfly, and the Mukashiyanma dragonfly inhabit this area also.
Here, we will introduce the flora and fauna found in Futakuchi valley.


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